New Burnout Paradise Island Video Appears

Plus: new 'making of' video right here

Posted by Staff
One of the beauties of Burnout Paradise is its ability to sap your time endlessly as you speed around doing absolutely bugger-all. Many an hour that could have been spent productively (probably for the benefit of all mankind) has been frittered away in just such a manner by SPOnG staffers. As such, it was with a note of glee and another of caution that we present these screens of the island set to expand Paradise for your enjoyment.

The new island is set to be released as part of an update this August. Also expected to be included in the update are two firsts for the Burnout series - bikes and night time.

If the screens aren't enough to sate your appetite for all things Burnout, check out the new 'making of' video by Criterion, the developer behind Burnout, below. You can catch SPOnG's review of Burnout Paradise here.


SuperSaiyan4 19 May 2008 10:38
*Yawn* The burnout franchise is dead and this game is dead old now on top of that it was a flop not exactly a hit.

Anyhow is there any company out there that can make something better than PGR2 as imo that is the benchmark of a top arcade racer - GRID is too much like Forza and slightly annoying.

There are a number of racers on PS3/360 but hardly any actual decent ones that I want to say 'Yep got a PGR2 killer here'.
Bentley 19 May 2008 17:13
Burnout Paradise was a decent game in a great series, you slack-jawed yawning tit. Too fast for your slow-witted brain, I suspect. PGR2 is as stale as your undercrackers. Fortunately, nobody cares what you think.
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