Race Driver GRID Multi-Player Details

Damage control... off!

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Race Driver GRID Multi-Player Details
Codemasters' much anticipated Race Driver: GRID is upon us on May 30th this very year. Our early looks at the game indicate deep, deep happiness - despite our preview code forcing us to play with ourselves. So, now the multi-player details are available, we're even more joyous.

Those details include the fact that:

* There will be 32 online race events.

* There will be 80 circuits at 15 intercontinental locations across Europe, the U.S. and Japan.

* There will be 12-player events.

* Players will be able to take their custom livery online.

* There will be an event voting system as well as matchmaking.

* The ranking system features" experience points being awarded based on a wide range of achievements, from events won to beating higher ranked opponents".

* You will be able to download ghost cars in Test Drive mode.

* In Spectator mode, you can observe the enemy.

Our preview is up soon, right now we're off to cause some damage, because we can...


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