Key Metroid Prime Staff 'Escorted' from Premises

A new studio in the offing?

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Key Metroid Prime Staff 'Escorted' from Premises
In a day deluged with news-Nintendy, it's interesting to read Shacknews' report that members of Retro Studios Metroid Prime team including, "Design director Mark Pacini, art director Todd Keller, and principal technology engineer Jack Mathews were escorted off the premises last Friday".

A single source? Well, no, apparently IGN has confirmed the departures (albeit in a quaintly-worded story). So, the 'escorted off the premises' line is always a good one to spark controversy. While it does indicate that the parting of the ways might not have been scheduled with any great precision, it doesn't indicate any wrongdoing.

It's more likely that the exiting Retro workers are off to set up their own organisation. More news as and when we get it.


Joji 24 Apr 2008 13:22
Oh dear! What has happened there?

Maybe they were caught making naughty videos of Mario and Daisy. Lol.

What's going on Nintendo?
YenRug 24 Apr 2008 14:19
Actually, escorting newly-former employees off the premises is quite normal, in America, especailly when you work in an environment where you work with commercial secrets, or have direct access to sensitive equipment. It's simply a matter of making sure that they leave without taking anything which isn't theirs, or try to commit some kind of sabotage.

When I worked at Cable & Wireless' hosting centre, in Swindon, they cut the workforce by 25% and I was escorted off the site, even though I was a lowly technical assitant (swapping back-up tapes and doing the occassional network cabling work on the live floor). So, whilst it sounds all dramatic, the positions these guys held dictated simple precautions when they left, whether were fired or quit doesn't come into it.
config 24 Apr 2008 15:44
y but 3 in one go?

summat is afoot
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