Race Driver GRID Gets In-Game eBay Car Yard

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Race Driver GRID Gets In-Game eBay Car Yard
Codemasters and in-game advertising inserter, Engage In-Game Advertising, are teaming up to bring eBay Motors marketplace inside the forthcoming Race Driver: Grid racing game.

Once you've side-stepped the totally meaningless word 'experience' the following will give you an idea of how the marketplace works, "The in-game integration of the eBay Motors marketplace experience allows GRID players to buy and sell performance vehicles in a realistic setting.

"The marketplace experience becomes an essential element in a player?s strategy to win races by upgrading cars for optimal performance. This marks the first time a real world application has been deeply immersed as a core function in a driving title."

Arghghgh! Stop it. Our brains are bleeding. We will translate. "Instead of an in-game garage where you can upgrade your cars, we've signed a deal with eBay that means you can do it there instead. We make money. You get some more choice. Everybody wins, yeah?", commented the SPOnG business BS translator bot, today.

Surely that's it? Surely there can be no more bullshit? "The eBay Motors in-game strategy goes beyond simple ad placements in video games and delivers a whole new level of realistic game functionality for players,? said Peter Chan, director of business development at Codemasters.

Stop it! Peter! Please, it hurts. Really, it's a good idea and we get it - a player of GRID goes online to eBay Motors and uses that engine to upgrade or swap motors. Again, we get it. Again, it's a good idea. Again, stop the jargon.

"eBay Motors will also sponsor their own race series in the game titled, 'The eBay Motor Muscle Series' allowing players to compete on branded tracks in downtown San Francisco, Long Beach, Washington D.C. & Detroit, featuring the eBay Motors Mustang GTR concept racecar."

Smashing. We can't wait... hurry up Codies!


PreciousRoi 23 Apr 2008 16:28
Hopefully it isn't a complely cocked up crapfest like Turning Point...
headcasephil 25 Apr 2008 09:29
PreciousRoi wrote:
Hopefully it isn't a complely cocked up crapfest like Turning Point...

as it is built on the same engine behind Colin McRae Dirt wich is the a fantastic game i feel that it is not going to be any thing like Turning Point all so the Neon engine has been hevaly upgraded and have you seen the videos http://www.gametrailers.com/player/32540.html
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