New Geometry Wars Game on the Way?

Activision keeps schtum

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It looks like a new Geometry Wars game is on the way, courtesy of Activision.

A listing on the Australian National Classification Scheme website shows a game dubbed Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2. As you might expect from a classification website, details are scarce. What we are told, however, is that the game will be multi-platform. Technically, 'multi-platform' could just indicate two platforms, so it could just be planned as a download for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Oh - and the game has been rated 'G' for 'general'...

The original Geometry Wars appeared as a mini game in Project Gotham Racing 2, but was followed up with Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved on Xbox Live Arcade. Versions of the game have since appeared for PC and mobiles, while Geometry Wars: Galaxies was given a disc/cart release for the Wii and DS through Sierra.

It's to be expected, of course, that any further Geometry Wars title would be released through Activision following its purchase of Bizarre, the developer that created the series.

SPOnG contacted Activision for confirmation, but was told "Activision does not comment on rumour and speculation." That said, it seems unlikely that the Australian National Classification Scheme is indulging in rumour and speculation...

You can see the listing here.

Source: Xblah


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