Virtual Console Update: Wolf Tones

And some alien shooting for good measure

Posted by Staff
Virtual Console Update: Wolf Tones
Two Virtual Console updates for the Nintendo Wii this week bring the total VC up to 196. Both of the new additions are hands-down classics in their own ways.

First up is Operation Wolf - although if you had called it anything other than Op Wolf you would have been laughed out of the venue. For 500 Wii Points you can play this oh-so-prescient anti-terrorist shooter wherein you lead the eponymous squad of elite troops as it tries to rescue innocent civilians from evil terrorists.

Those were the days (1989), eh? Back then you could send in some elite troops (the SAS for example) to rescue innocents. Nowadays, you've got to send in an entire army. As for the question of innocence or evil... well, just download it and start shooting.

Not happy with the possible political complexities? Well, move on to Super R-Type (NES, 1991). All you used to have to do here was blast aliens - sometimes in incredibly slow motion if there was too much going on. For 800 Wii points we hope we get a cleaned up version that doesn't lead the entire machine to freeze.

Actually, Nintnendo tells us that "Many exciting elements from the original R-Type title and its sequel are combined to produce the blasting challenge of a lifetime." So, it does seem that we're getting a tweaked facsimile of what was seen as one of hardest games ever.


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