PS3 Development Caused Problems For Dark Sector

PS3 version "not running as well as the 360"

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The producer of darkSector, Josh Austin, has made comments that put Digital Extremes on the list of developers and publishers claiming that the PS3 is more difficult to develop for than the Xbox 360.

Austin told ripten, ?So, yeah, this is the PS3 version, umm? it looks just as good as the 360 version, which we?re very happy about. Towards the end we started having some serious conversations about what we were gonna do, uh, but we ended up pulling it off, so we?re very proud of that.?

He then went on to say, ?It was just not running as well as the 360".

Digital Extremes is in good company with its PS3 related problems. Earlier this year, Rockstar pointed to the issue as a factor in the delay of GTA IV, while Electronic Arts' CEO, John Riccitiello, has said that to avoid such problems EA's development teams have to lead with the PS3.

Ripten managed to extrapolate from its chat with Josh the 'fact' that the PS3 version of the game nearly got cancelled, with its headline containing the words, "Dark Sector Almost Canned".

To SPOnG, "Towards the end we started having some serious conversations about what we were gonna do" doesn't sound quite the same as, 'we thought about cancelling the game'. SPOnG has contacted D3 Publisher of Europe for comment, but we've been told that, because Josh is US-based, no clarification will be immediately available.

SPOnG would like to think that any problems Digital Extremes has been having with the PS3 version of darkSector is simply the Sony console's reaction to the game's refusal of classification in Australia... Bless it.

Source: ripten


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