Overlord Attempts to Conquer PS3

You can almost hear the minions chortling...

Posted by Staff
Codemasters is marching on the PlayStation 3 with its sinister take on the fantasy genre - Overlord.

This summer, it will bring Overlord: Raising Hell to the platform it neglected last June - when it brought the original to the Xbox 360 and PC. Raising Hell will bring both said original and the expansion pack it takes its name from to PS3 owners.

Here's how Codies is describing it:

"Set in a seriously twisted fantasy world, Overlord: Raising Hell is an action adventure that has players being ruthless, determined, and even a little despotic as they pillage lands and conquer kingdoms in order to be proclaimed the all-powerful Overlord. At the heart of the game is an army of slavish little creatures known as Minions, and their presence provides Overlord: Raising Hell with its deliciously dark comedic touches."

Slavish little creatures is it? SPOnG's reminded of Darren Dorchester and his cronies from our school days, when they'd stand around with hunched shoulders, sniggering and saying "yes boss" for no good reason as toilet water swirled around our heads. Alas, there was nothing comedic about it. But we're high-flying game journos now, so that showed them...

In our review of the Xbox 360 version, we were a little more personal, "Who hasn't imagined themselves at the head of an unstoppable army of evil, intent on the subjugation of the world? "

In addition to bringing over the original game content, Codemasters also promises, "the PlayStation 3 system edition will also be enhanced with detailed visuals, a top-spec audio system with 7.1 surround sound and gameplay refinements, such as the addition of an on-screen mini-map."

Well, we'd bloody hope so - we've had to wait months for it.

Check out our Gavin's review of the Xbox 360 version here.


SuperSaiyan4 28 Feb 2008 10:44
Nice to see they are updating an old game...How many people even have 7.1 sound? Why would anyone even need it for a game like this? And more detailed visuals? Lol the game aint no Kameo..

PS3 - This is waiting ;-)
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