Smash Bros Brawls With Wii Sales Record

Nintendo beat-'em-up hits a million in record time

Posted by Staff
Super Smash Bros Brawl has become the fastest Wii title to hit one million sales in Japan to date.

Publisher and market research firm Enterbrain has said that the first-party beat-'em-up sold 1.08 million copies in the 11 days since it launched on January 31st.

By comparison, it took the mega-popular Wii Sports (which wasn't bundled with the Wii in Japan) 11 weeks to hit the one million mark. It even took Wii Fit, which was released last December when the Wii already had a sizeable installed base, seven weeks to reach that point.

It's not all been plain sailing for Smash Bros, however. As SPOnG told you last week, Nintendo has offered to clean Japanese gamers' Wiis for free in order to remedy a problem some users' machines experienced in reading the game disc.

SPOnG dearly hopes that one day soon we'll be able to get our mitts on a European version of the game. While the US is set to see it in March, we're yet to get confirmation of the European release date.

You can read up on Smash Bros over on SPOnG's dedicated game page.

Source: Reuters


deleted 12 Feb 2008 13:49
Its so, annoying with every other Dev and Company now seeing that europe should get things around the same time as the US, Nintendo still sits in 1991 thinking we should get games 8 months later, localisation of games really doesnt take a lot of time anymore, get the pissing thing out already.!!
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