Arabs up the war against Pokemon

Pokemon continue to offend

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Arabs up the war against Pokemon
What is it about Pokemon that seems to really get the goat of almost everyone in authority?

We recently reported that a Fatwa, or religious edict, had been issued in Saudi Arabia warning of the underlying religious messages contained in the world of Pokemon stating "six-pointed stars, a symbol of international Zionism and the State of Israel." A similar Fatwa in Dubai warns that Pokemon "is based on the theory of evolution, a Jewish-Darwinist theory that conflicts with the truth about humans and with Islamic principles."

Hmmm, either that, or it?s just a game?

This anti-Pokemon campaign has been seriously upped in scale across the Muslim countries of the Middle East.

"Our children have found in Pokemon an opportunity to lose themselves in it" went the articulate complaint in a magazine article, headlined Pokemon Virus, published in the United Arab Emirates.
"They neglect their studies and prevent their parents from getting close to the television to change the channel which was broadcasting the Pokemon series."

Nintendo of Japan is rightly puzzled at the level of offence the Pokemon phenomena has caused. The company was initially sceptical about releasing Pokemon on a global scale, fearing that the idea of catching wild creatures and training them to fight each other would cause some concern among liberal animal-lover types.

This never happened, and the usually outspoken animal rights societies failed to pay any attention to the game. Unfortunately for Pikachu and friends, everyone else did.

At this time, full-scale anti-Pokemon campaigns are underway. There have been reports of many stores ceasing to sell merchandise in Saudi Arabia and collection points for Pokemon-related products being set up in schools.


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