Eidos Goes All Frankenstein On Wii and DS

Monster Lab confirmed, first trailer inside

Posted by Staff
Eidos has got around to announcing Monster Lab, a Frankenstein-esque RPG action title coming later this year for the Wii and DS.

Basically, players take on the role of a young (and we imagine deranged) scientist set loose in a laboratory to perform experiments and make... monsters! An army of the blighters, in fact. Eidos assures us that a not-too-shoddy 100 million different variations are possible. Once you've cobbled one together, you're free to wander off into the world to hunt down ingredients to make more monster parts, fight other monsters, take on quests or complete mini games. Think Trauma Center meets Spore, with a dash of Zelda thrown in for good measure.

Monster Lab will offer a wealth of fresh ideas to both Wii and DS players”, offered up Fabien Rossini, Global Brand Controller at Eidos. “These include gesture based combat, a compelling on-line fighting and trading system and total customization of the player’s monster.”

Eidos also points out that the Wii version will have online multiplayer functionality, allowing players to pit their monsters against each other and trade body parts.

While this is the first official information Eidos has sent out on the title, SPOnG did manage to snatch a quick peek at the game in Leipzig. It was an early build, but it did succeed in warming even the cold dark heart of SPOnG's Evil Editor, so our hopes are high.

You can get more of a taste (metaphorically speaking - SPOnG doesn't endorse eating non-organic products) in the video and screens below.



bob dole 30 Jan 2008 19:29
Eidos sucks... them and midway always put out garbage games for nintendo consoles. honestly, im not even gonna look out for this game... regardless if it turns out good. i'd rather eidos goes under.
Joji 30 Jan 2008 21:59
This looks awful. Come on Eidos, you can do better than this, or are you just too scared to rise to the Wii challenge.

I should try to keep an open mind, but its so hard when I see no real creativity going on. If Suda 51 can create No More Heroes with a smaller team and funds than Eidos, I know Eidos can do much better than this for Wii.
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