Unrated Hitman Movie Hitting Blu-ray

Brand new cut from Fox Studios coming via Blu-ray

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Unrated Hitman Movie Hitting Blu-ray
Fox Studios has announced that it's going to be releasing the recent Hitman movie on Blu-ray format in, "...a never-before-seen unrated cut" in March.

Nothing has been said of HD-DVD because allegedly Sony paid Fox $120m (£60m) to stay exclusively with the Blu-ray format. This move in turn brought Warner Brothers over to the format earlier this month. Well, this and $500m (£250m). Both figures come from the pen - and some would say the imagination - of columnist Don Lindich. His column in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette included both sums of money - until recently when Fox apparently contacted him. Following this intervention, not only were references removed from the newspaper column but also from his 'sound advice' blog. Even Google's cached versions have been cleared.

References to Warners had previously stated that it had told Toshiba (HD-DVD's main supporter) to approach Fox for exclusivity to the HD-DVD format. The blog now says, "Obviously, they (Warner) had decided to change- they just didnít know the direction. Given their long partnership, Warner gave Toshiba an opportunity to lure a Blu-ray studio to HD DVD, in which case they would go HD DVD exclusive and give HD DVD a clear studio advantage. This did not happen (though it almost did) and Warner had no choice but to go with Blu-ray".

Fox's Blu-ray decision has been a no-brainer since December. Back then, James Gianopulos, co-chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment said, "We believe that Blu-ray not only has the superior technology and backing in terms of strength to market but also the superior content protection".

Finally, for now... if you're a PlayStation 3 fanboy, you might like to sign the online "Let HD-DVD Die" petition, which you can find here.

If, on the other hand, you love your Xbox 360's HD-DVD drive - and are waiting for the rumoured 360 with integrated Toshiba-produced HD-DVD drive - you can always sign the "Save HD-DVD! (Warner Brothers, The Consumer Has Not "Clearly" Chosen Blu-Ray)" petition, which can be found here.

If, you're a Nintendo lover, you might just want to sit back and play your copy of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and wait for the fuss to die down.


Sora 22 Jan 2008 13:53
Im a Nintendo fan........and im happy with DVD at the moment.

But I can safely say Blu-ray will win

kriss 22 Jan 2008 14:04
12000 signature for HDDVD against 4000 for bluray...
Let both format die...
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john 22 Jan 2008 14:26
DVD looks and sounds great with the right player and HDTV. blu ray and hd dvd can both die, in my opinion neither are needed. now back to mario and sonic
Bentley 23 Jan 2008 11:35
For true next-gen games, we need a next-gen media format. But you can't see that if you're stuck playing on your Wii. Enjoy the gimmick while it lasts. I look instead to the future, and the future is Blu-Ray.

Or maybe you would prefer we go back to loading games from cassette? Back when we didn't need games to come on CD, and then we didn't need them to come on DVD, etc etc.
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