Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Selling Holidays?

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Selling Holidays?
Ubisoft has just released a dusky new video for Rainbow Six Vegas 2. SPOnG has the goods below.

Is it wrong, though, that seeing the American military fighting terrorists in one of the US's most prominent cities makes us want to go on holiday? We know that hoteliers probably wouldn't be too keen on letting us do all the crazy abseiling that these guys get up to, but that huge great waterfall looks like good fun. It's pretty clear, as well, that if terrorists do decide to take on Sin City, Uncle Sam's got the backs of all gamblin', whorin' and drinkin' Vegasusians (as well as some very high-class chefs).

Dig into the trailer below and when you're done head over to SPOnG's dedicated game page for a spot more information.


SuperSaiyan4 11 Jan 2008 13:09
Shame thats not ingame if it was I think thats gonna be this years benchmark lol maybe next gen we might be able to see near CGI or CGI looking games.

Well Vegas 2 back to square one I guess, I bet this time you have to go to loads of casino's to find the guy from number 1...What a twist.
PreciousRoi 12 Jan 2008 09:09
twist schwist...just refine the gameplay, nail the online, and gimmie!
PreciousRoi 13 Jan 2008 21:52
I mean what do you want here...do you imagine that the legions of Rainbow 6 players want the whole game redone, and possibly ruined like they did with Ghost Recon and the "Advanced Warfighter" pile of crap.

Ghost Recon 2 was my favorite multiplayer shooter, it was a refreshing change from corridors and indoor "hostage rescue". I wanted Ghost Recon 3, instead, I got crap. I am nothing if not relieved that apparently R6 isn't going to stray from what works. Also, if you played R6V you'd know that a sequel was imminent.
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