SEGA Release Date Free For All

Gaming status quo shook to the core

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SEGA Release Date Free For All
SEGA's gone and gotten all anarchic with its release dates. Three of its titles have shifted on the release schedule, but in a break with tradition two of them have moved forward.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (reviewed here) and Ghost Squad for the Wii have both been brought forwards from January 25th to the 18th. Needless to say, SPOnG's sent SEGA a sternly worded e-mail reminding them that the status quo dictates games only get delayed, not released early.

Condemned 2 has not fared quite so well, unfortunately. The PS3 and 360 versions are both now set for March 14th, having previously been expected in February.

SEGA has also pointed out that the word 'Bloodshot' has now been dropped from the game's title in Europe. Maybe it's just too reminiscent of the state of SEGA staff's eyes following the 'The Holiday' celebrations? Or maybe something much, much more sinister?

Nah, it's simply that 'Blood' and 'Shot' are now naughty words in our lovely new, fuck 'em.


ajmetz 4 Jan 2008 23:55
Yes....but when do we get the currently Japan-only re-release of NiGHTS Into Dreams....? A much better game, for a much more widely owned games system.....=P
The Absinthe Review Network 5 Jan 2008 19:41
Never. There's no market for it here, sad as it is. If this new version can't make it to the top 20, do you really think a re-release of the Saturn version would be able to?

Joji 7 Jan 2008 13:00
Wouldn't be surprised if the original Nights is hidden on Nights JoD anyway.

Great, so where the dates for Universe At War on 360 and their cool looking Viking: Battle for whatever game? Those both look fine.
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