THQ Bottles Lesbian Kiss

Lowest common denominator unleashed for MX vs ATV Untamed

Posted by Staff
It might only be January 2nd and most of the games industry might still be sleeping off its holiday hangover, but that hasn't stopped THQ from trying to get our new year temperatures up with these latest videos for MX vs ATV Untamed.

Below you'll find video footage showing off some in-game footage, a spot of developer commentary and... some attractive women. Yup, the last piece of video below shows that the games industry is certainly not beyond flashing some (completely non game-related) boobs to get you to buy a product. It strikes SPOnG as massively disingenuous, however, that if you're going to use dated sales techniques to flog games, then at least go the whole hog and don't fade the girl-on-girl action.

Actually, that 'action' is in fact only a kiss (a 'snog' as we say here in England). Come on, THQ America, back in 1993 we had chicks kissing chicks in beloved Scouse soap opera Brookside at prime time on the idiot box! That was last century. If you're going to try to appeal to the kind of people who don't stand the faintest chance of ever snogging the kind of lady displayed in your sales schtick, then at least don't be coy! Don't bottle ('back out of') the lesbian kiss - be men (or at least bisexual ladies) about it!

Oh, if the date of December 17th flashed around on the saucy viral marketing vid leaves you mildly baffled, fear not. SPOnG checked in with THQ and was told that MX vs ATV Untamed is still set for March - the footage is originally from the US and hasn't been changed.

Let us know which video is most likely to get you to buy a copy in the Forum.

Anyway, dig in!



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