PES 2008 Detailed for Sony PSP and Nintendo DS

Konami outlines PSP and DS versions

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PES 2008 Detailed for Sony PSP and Nintendo DS
Konami has spilled some more beans on the handheld versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, which will see release early next year.

The DS version, we're told, "includes Exhibition, Penalty Shoot-Out and Konami Cup elements, and a variant on the World Tour system where the player faces elite teams from every continent". Konami has also put the DS's wireless functionality to use. Up to four players are able to compete online if they each own a copy of the game, while one-on-one matches are available from a single cartridge. DS owners will also be able to trade players online, grabbing coins to improve their line-up while they go.

The PSP version will be largely the same as its PS2 counterpart. What's been overhauled is the data sharing aspect of the game, with it now possible to trade information between the PSP and PS2. That means your Master League information can now be thrown around between your PSP and PS2 versions, with the same going for League, World Tour and Cup Mode data.


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