Footy Players Get Gymnastic in FIFA Street 3

A lawsuit in waiting?

Posted by Staff
SPOnG's a little bit worried about Electronic Arts. When these new screens for FIFA Street 3 popped up, showing off professional footy players in all their athletic glory, we were perturbed to say the least.

While SPOnG's all in favour of games reflecting the fact that we can't all play footy in huge stadiums (or 'stadia' if you wish to watch posh soccer-kicking) surrounded by adoring (or angry) fans, we're not sure that EA's encouraging the right sort of behaviour with these images. Performing crazy gymnastics on rooftops is not, we feel, the best way for everyone to go about scoring goals. The last thing we want to see is EA getting sued by hordes of daft Americans who've decided that's how we play the beautiful game, only to tumble, drunk-suicidally (like a Newcastle United fan?) into a bin.

Anyway, much as we don't want to encourage those sorts of shenanigans... take a look at the screens below.

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