GRID Your Loins: New Codies Racer Announced

Sorry about that... new Codies racing game ahoy

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GRID Your Loins: New Codies Racer Announced
If you're in America it's going to be called straight-old GRID. If you're in Europe, it's Race Driver: GRID. Either way, Codemasters latest driving game, and it's due out 'mid' 2008 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (sorry, Games For Windows).

Oh, it is also the same as Race Driver One - just with a new name.

Gavin Raeburn, Executive Producer at Codemasters Studios must surely have been having a bit of a laugh behind his hand when he came out with, "Race Driver: GRID is all about the race", unless of course he was making some veiled argument about eugenics. We doubt that.

Anyway, questions of race aside, the really good news for driving fans is that GRID uses the next iteration of our DiRT engine combined. This, in Europe at least, will enable you the racer (or your mate, if you dom't like racing games) to "compete on the greatest official tracks in prestige Marques including Aston Martin, Koenigsegg and Pagani".

All this happens in "high-performance V8 muscle cars". Elsewhere in the virtual racing globe, there are night races, including Drift racing, and "races that operate on the fringes of legality in the back streets and industrial areas of Yokohama".

Andy SPOnG got quite animated when he spotted the news, telling the office, "It's about bloody time too! I've been waiting for confirmation of this since talking to Richard Eddy (Codies PR mainstay) just after the 360 appeared. What a delightful day this has turned out to be."


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