Sega: February Is The New Christmas

Steams Onto PC And Dates NiGHTS, The Club And More

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SEGA UK has just sent over confirmation of release dates for some of our currently most-wanted, including NiGHTS and Ghost Squad on Wii, and Universe At War on PC (all January 25th) and following shortly after that Bizarre Creation?s arcade shooter The Club is out on February 8th.

The ultraviolent and controversy-stirring ex-junkie-cop-tramp-basher Condemned 2 along with Bleach: Shattered Blade and Bleach: Blade of Fate will also be out later in February.

SEGA basically has given one of us one of the first concrete reasons to look forward to 2008?s bleak midwinter.

The Japanese publisher has also just announced that it is to distribute a number of its cracking PC titles via Valve?s Steam network, with word just in from director of marketing Doug Lombardi over at Valve:

"The new Sega games coming to Steam include Universe at War: Earth Assault, The Golden Compass, SEGA Rally Revo, SEGA Revo, Worldwide Soccer Manager, Futbol Manager and more. In addition to the new games, SEGA titles previously released on Steam to customers in North America, such as Medieval II: Total War and Rome: Total War, are now available to Steam gamers in Europe and most of the world."

"SEGA Rally Revo and SEGA Rally, two highly anticipated new racing titles, are available now. Universe at War: Earth Assault, an epic real-time strategy game, and The Golden Compass, an action/adventure title based on New Line Cinema's upcoming feature film, are targeted for release in December."


SuperSaiyan4 30 Nov 2007 12:13
Sega is dead and all those games listed are just rehashes of what they already have. Apart from 1 or 2 new games other than that Sega is fnished.
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