Greenpeace Responds To Nintendo On SPOnG

It continues... seems somebody forgot to return an important call...

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Greenpeace Responds To Nintendo On SPOnG
SPOnG spoke to a Greenpeace UK rep earlier today to find out more about the recent report that seemingly slammed Nintendo for environmentally unsound business practices.

It seems that Nintendo of Japan (NCL) was contacted directly by Greenpeace, which was requesting information for the report. This information was not forthcoming, hence Greenpeace had to take the publicly available data from Nintendo’s website in compiling its report.

SPOnG then contacted Nintendo for its response to the damning report, which you can see here.

We asked Greenpeace for a response to Nintendo's reaction to the report, which was:

"The Greenpeace ranking criteria score companies on what they doing beyond what is required by legislation. This is not a law enforcement ranking Guide - Greenpeace is looking for environmental excellence.

"We expect all a company's products to be compliant with the EU's RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electronic products) Directive GLOBALLY - as a minimum. Otherwise, the company would be operating double standards - treating their EU customers to cleaner products (free of some heavy metals etc) while offering their non-EU customers more toxic products.

"We expect a company to communicate to their customers what it is doing on the environment. This information should include their Green Procurememt Standards so their customers can see what toxic chemicals the company's suppliers are allowed or not allowed to put into the products.

"Greenpeace is helping to create informed consumers, but companies need to play their part in communicating their environmental activities in a public and transparent way."

SPOnG has ensured that Nintendo and Greenpeace are now talking to try to resolve this matter. We will of course update you on the outcome of those conversations when we get them.



ozfunghi 28 Nov 2007 18:46
Greenpeace can forget about me renewing my subscription. If they can't do the research, they shouldn't hand out scores either. It's a but guilty until proven innocent.

They also forgot to check that other pretty important part that can help the ecology: power consumption. Greenpeace should take a look at the following chart before scoring Nintendo a 0/10 and praising Sony, and shut the hell up.

- 28 Nov 2007 22:56
Which is not correct, since the 40GB PS3 is now down to 120W.
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