Nintendo Responds To Greenpeace Criticism

?Surprised by the report?

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Nintendo Responds To Greenpeace Criticism
SPOnG contacted Nintendo UK today on hearing about a recent Greenpeace report which slammed the Japanese gaming giant for poor practices relating to environmental sustainability.

Nintendo scored 0 out of 10 in the Greenpeace report. You can read all about that here.

Here is the official response from Nintendo in full:

"Nintendo is surprised by the content of the Greenpeace report. Nintendo takes great care to comply with all relevant regulations on avoiding the use of dangerous materials, recycling of materials etc. For example, all Nintendo products supplied worldwide are designed to comply with relevant European standards, which we understand are amongst the most demanding in the world."

"In order to certify that Nintendo products comply with European standards such as RoHS Directive, Nintendo has established the Green Procurement Standards, which require our component suppliers certify that any parts including hazardous chemical substances should not be delivered, and Nintendo fully controls its products in the company. Furthermore, Nintendo products comply with the European toy safety standards.

We do not know the basis or methodology used by Greenpeace to produce this report, and therefore cannot comment on it".

SPOnG has contacted Greenpeace in the UK to find out more about the basis or methodology they used in the report. We will bring you further news on this when we get it.


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