Hitman Gets Double Hard In The Service Industry

Movie clip inside...

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Hitman Gets Double Hard In The Service Industry
Just in case you were in any doubt that Agent 47's double-hard, SPOnG's got a clip from the new Hitman movie below to prove it.

Even without his shoes on Agent 47 can still take on a squad of what are presumably highly-trained soldiery types with fancy war masks on, as he legs it around a hotel. SPOnG will no doubt still spend at least the first half of the film muttering in the corner of the cinema with the only audible words spuming from our lips being 'Jason' and 'Statham' - and "Timothy Olyphant looks like an enormous baby!"

Anyway, tuck in to the video below to judge for yourself.


DoctorDee 21 Nov 2007 18:27
Jimothy Eliphant looks like an enormous baby. Babies should not handle guns.

Look at the scowling disdain on that picture of 47 at the top of the story. Now look at Eliphant's lickle chubby baby cheeks. And listen to his wickle voice. Ah, cutey killer.

Joji 22 Nov 2007 10:12
Who cares? This film looks great and its pleasing to see a game to film, that gamers and film goers can enjoy.
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