Ghostbusters: First Squeamish Screens And Art!

Slimer enjoys ham

Posted by Staff
Sierra has dished out its first proper batch of screens and artwork for next year's return of Ghostbusters, and SPOnG has the ghostly goods below.

Basically, everything SPOnG told you last week is confirmed, returning film cast and all. The titbit that caught SPOnG's attention was this, "players will take on the role of a new recruit joining the famous Ghostbusters team".

Oh, and we also got some warm words from Mark Caplan, VP of Hardlines for Sony Pictures Consumer Products. "In setting out to develop a game, our criterion was to find a game company who was interested in keeping true to the Ghostbusters world that talent and filmmakers had originally created", he said.

No waaay?! Shurely the more efficient criterion would have been to have found a team who really didn't give a flying ghost one way or the other? Tell us more, Mark.

"The team at Sierra Entertainment took the time to prove to us they had what it takes"...

Again, no waaay!? You mean Sierra pitched for a franchise, unlike all the other developers who just sort of turned up in beachwear and said, "Wot-eva - give us it, go on... " before schlepping off down the hall?

For gods' sakes, stop treating us all like dribbling idiots!! Anyway, tuck in to the screens, art and a mock-up of the packaging below. Thankfully, they're marginally more informative than last week's teaser trailer...


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