The Charts: Pro Evo versus FIFA: Injury Time Score

Konami does a little dance of joy

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The Charts: Pro Evo versus FIFA: Injury Time Score
Konami does a little celebratory dance today, following the news of PES 2008s second week at the top of the All Formats Video Game Chart, shifting over twice the amount of copies as EAs rival FIFA 08, which sits at No.2 this week.

EA's The Simpsons Game debuts at No.3 with healthiest sales on PS2. THQs movie cash/tie-in, Ratatouille (see how we don't spell it out phonetically for you, as if you were some kind of in-bred, cow-worrier?) crawls up a place to No.4. Bungies awesome Halo 3, clambers back up to No.5 on the back of some strong retailer bundles. Don't think it's that awesome? Read our review, right over here.

New releases this week include Sierra's twitch-shooter TimeShift at No.24 and EA's PC bleakly, well, bleak Hellgate: London at No.34.

Next week is when things really start to heat up in the run-up to Christmas 2007 with the releases of Call of Duty 4, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Gears of War on PC. Watch out for SPOnG's recent interview with Epic's Cliffy B on that last title later this very week.

Place your bets on this Xmas's Number One game with Paddy Power see SPOnGs earlier news if you fancy a punt.

And in order to aid your gambling habit, here, in full, is the Top 20 as Leisure Software Charts as compiled by Chart Trackfor Week 44, 2007.

1: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
2: FIFA 08
3: The Simpsons Game
4: Ratatouille
5: Halo 3
6: Football Manager 2008
7: The Sims 2: [i]Castaway
8: More Brain Training From Dr Kawashima
9: Dr Kawashima's Brain Training
10: The Legend Of Zelda: [i]Phantom Hourglass
11: Cooking Mama
12: High School Musical: [i]Makin' The Cut!
13: Juiced 2: [i]Hot Import Nights
14: Metroid Prime 3: [i]Corruption
15: The Orange Box
16: Crash Of The Titans
17: Forza Motorsport 2
18: Big Brain Academy: [i]Wii Degree
19: Mysims
20: Tiger Woods Pga Tour 08

Of course, SPOnG does not encourage gambling unless it's with other people's money but we love a good gambol in the Spring.


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