FlatOut: Head On Screen Barrage

Details inside

Posted by Staff
The first screens and information for upcoming PSP racer FlatOut: Head On have snuck out into the world. SPOnG has the smasherific goods below.

If you weren't aware that a PSP entry into the FlatOut series was on the way, you can be forgiven. Although it wasn't quite kept a secret, it has only been announced to financial types.

Details are still scarce, but a few tidbits have been let loose in the wild. The game will feature over 40 car variations, nine different game modes (including Career mode, Carnage mode, Death Match Derby and Ragdoll stunts), while two multi-player modes will be on offer, available both on and offline.

Anyway, with a picture being worth a thousand words and all that, we suggest you dig in.


Joji 1 Nov 2007 19:13
Still have to bag the 360 cut of Flat Out: UC

Empire should seriously think about getting Flat Out on Wii too, since Wii is ripe for this kind of game, especially with no recent Burnout, since Burnout Point of Impact on GC. Wouldn't be surprised if this ended up on PS3 either.

Looks great, another cool game to bag for my PSP. Will sit nicely next to Burnout Legends/Dominator and Sega Rally.
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