PlayLogic Working On New First Party Sony Title

Scope and content undisclosed

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PlayLogic Working On New First Party Sony Title
Swedish developer and publisher PlayLogic International - the dev team behind Obscure 2 - has signed a deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to make a first-party PlayStation title.

Details on the project are currently scarce, though SPOnG will be digging around our contacts at SCEE and PlayLogic this week to find out more.

Currently all we know is that the project is a collaboration with Sony’s London Studio (the development brains behind Home, Singstar and The Getaway) and is being developed over seven months with an option of extension of another six months.

“The scope and content of the project will remain undisclosed until further notice by SCEE Ltd.” the press release unhelpfully outlines.

"Over the past two years we have build a great relationship with SCEE," commented PlayLogic executive VP Rogier W. Smit. "We have solid development assets and resources at our disposal at our in-house facility in the Netherlands and have the ability to deliver quickly."

"The cooperation between SCEE and PlayLogic Game Factory has proven to be very successful," added Igor Frid, MD of PlayLogics' development studio. "We deliver high quality products using flexible and innovative development methodologies which enable us to develop innovative titles in close cooperation with SCEE London Studio."


wocker 1 Nov 2007 10:19
I've got a reliable source telling me that it is a new Eye Toy series game.
zoydwheeler 1 Nov 2007 12:01
Really? Can you tell us more?
wocker 1 Nov 2007 15:12
No not a lot. I can't share the exact details yet. But trust me. It is an Eye Toy game specifically for the PS3 making good use of its processing power. Compared to the older PS2 Eye Toy games you will see some nice new visual trickery and magic. ;-)
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