Wii Zapper Aimed At December

Lock up your children!

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Wii Zapper Aimed At December
Nintendo has finally given European gamers a date for its bizarrely controversial Wii peripheral, the Zapper. December 7th is when we Europeans will be able to to start gunslinging in front of our Wiis, upsetting sensitive parents everywhere.

The peripheral will retail at 30 Euros. No UK price has been announced, but that's £20.90 in sterling. Bearing in mind how pricing conversions normally pan out with games, however, it could cost anything up to £30 over here.

The Zapper will ship with Link's Crossbow Training and is designed to house both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck.

The Zapper caused a bizarre spot of outrage recently when New Jersey's The Star-Ledger’s Parental Guidance blog carried out a poll to find out what parents think of the tame-looking peripheral. Parents are apparently perturbed by what's possibly the least lifelike gun-type peripheral in the world. Does anyone remember when a kid could innocently run around with a fake plastic gun without someone trying to put them in front of a psychologist? You can find some of the hilarious responses here.

In the UK, Link's Crossbow Training will carry a PEGI rating of 12+. PEGI does not rate hardware.


realvictory 30 Oct 2007 13:15
After thinking about it, it seems a bit pointless, and a bit expensive, to be honest.
Adnan 30 Oct 2007 21:08
wow i cant ait for thsi the way i look at it a wii zapper (which looks cool), a game! with link in it with GREAT GRAPHICS! gonan be fun and i wont have to spend loads onteh wii zapper!!!! im happy! Link Rules!
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