GameCity - David Braben: Elite IV This Generation

Oh, and The Outsider too

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GameCity - David Braben: Elite IV This Generation
Frontier Development’s David ‘the Elite man’ Braben talked about his latest project, The Outsider, and dropped yet more hints that Elite IV is definitely still in development and scheduled for release on current generation hardware.

This is all good news, as SPOnG was beginning to despair of getting a proper sequel to our favourite space-trading games of all time any time before we were required to jack it straight into our brains via neural hardwiring in 2020.

Braben described The Outsider as a huge, open sandbox game with thousands of NPCs, an "action thriller, directed by the player" in which you play Jameson, an ex-CIA agent, framed for killing the president.

Braben demoed to the GameCity crowd the ways in which characters will be able to react extremely believably with the thousands of NPCs and with the physical environment surrounding them.

SPOnG will be keeping our beady eyes on this one. We will also, of course, continue badgering Braben for more and more and yet more on Elite IV. He’s promised it for this gen now. And we are not going to forget!

Stay tuned for more from GameCity up in Nottingham and from London Game Festival thoughout today and over the coming weekend.


bobby anonymous 26 Oct 2007 11:59
"Elite IV This Generation"

would effing hope so - theres what? 9 years left in the PS3 ?
tyrion 26 Oct 2007 13:18
OK, Braben! What we want from you is an online, persistent universe version of Elite for the 360 and PS3. If you can make the two talk to each other, so much the better.
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config 28 Oct 2007 09:46
Elite 4?

Was Frontier: First Encounters really classed as Elite 3? I always thought it was just a bit of an enhancement to Frontier rather than a real sequel, kind of Frontier's own Elite Plus
PreciousRoi 29 Oct 2007 04:22

*crosses fingers, but refrains from holding breath
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