First Look At Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 DS

First bunch of blockheaded screens inside

Posted by Staff
Forget about all the next gen high-definition football videogame malarkey that is PES 2008 and FIFA 08 on 360 and PS3, Konami has just sent us these latest screens of this season’s must-have football gaming trophy – PES 2008 on DS, the follow up to last year’s PES 6 DS

And yes, while the next-gen, graphic-whore, fascist moaners in the corner go on and on and on about the relatively low-quality blocky looking graphics in PES on DS, they miss out two important facts. One it is PES. Two, it is on the best handheld videogame console ever designed by human ingenuity.

Graphics! Pah, who needs em?

PES 2008 on DS should be with us in time for Xmas, though Konami has still to set an exact date for UK release. It does seem to be a little bit of an afterthought for the Japanese publisher after the main event of PES on 360 and PS3, so SPOnG hopes that it doesn’t slip and slide tackle its way into 2008, which is what happened with last year’s DS version of the beautiful game.

Watch out for our full playtest of PES 2008 DS very soon.


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