Army Of Two ? Slips To 2008

In the meantime, terrorists run amok

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EA?s terrorist-blasting co-op shooter Army Of Two is no longer scheduled for a pre-Xmas release, having slipped into the ?sometime early 2008? release period.

Army Of Two was originally pencilled in for a November release, but EA claims the dev' team at EA Montreal requires extra time to polish this important title.

"Army of Two has potential to become a lasting EA franchise, so getting the first title right is essential," said Frank Gibeau, head of EA Games.

Everybody?s favourite games analyst Michael Pachter, calculates that the game should rack up around a cool $54 million in revenue for the mega-publisher.

"It's an important game for them if they hope to establish it as a franchise," Pachter said. "It shouldn't have much of an impact, but the market always seems to assume the worst about the company."

Michael Spilligan, Senior Entertainment analyst at Nomoru Wahrheit Kennis, speaking to SPOnG today, pointed out that, "I know Michael's work, and I respect it and I'd have to agree that if you want to establish a franchise it's a jolly good idea to start it with the first part of a franchise - in the case a video game. It's even more of a good idea to have someone like the head of the company from whom the franchise-starting company quoted as saying he wants to start a franchise based on that game."

Can't say fairer than that.

source: Reuters



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