Black and White ‘I’ feels so good

In addition to sight and sound, we now have a virtual sense of touch!

Posted by Staff
Tactile feedback interface technology is going to change the way computer games feel. A new mouse from Logitech has built in vibration functionality that dynamically responds to in-game or computer related actions. For the first time ever your games are going to come to life in a way that is bound to make them even more immersive. Touch is an important sense to humans as tactile creatures, but it has been missing from games until now.

One of the greatest games to grace the PC is Peter Molyneux’s epic Black and White. In case you don’t know Black and White is a combination of a God game, a resource management sim, a virtual pet and a fighting game. It has literally stunned the gaming community with beautiful visuals and innovative and addictive gameplay. Immersion Touchsense technology has been incorporated into Black and White to further improve the playing experience.

For example, there are fish swimming in the oceans of Black and White, as you would expect, but if you position your hand just over the surface of the water you can actually feel the fish nibbling at your fingers. Also, The mouse simulates a heartbeat sensation that quickens as you prepare to cast your spells! Additionally, there is a bonus challenge that can only be completed by your sense of touch.

Dean Chang, Immersion's senior director of development states, "The enormous range of tactile sensations combined with other unique features in Black & White bring an entirely new level of interactivity and realism to this game."

If you want to experience a new sensation in games, an iFeel mouse is the way to do it.


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