Electronic Arts Pwns Trafalgar Square

US giant does what invading armies couldn't...

Posted by Staff
Publishing behemoth Electronic Arts is set to ‘pwn’ Trafalgar Square next week - even the Nazis in World War II couldn’t do that! However, instead of sending V2 rockets and panzer divisions in to London's pigeon-specked heart, EA is taking over the square with games - that you can play.

Yes, for three days next week the company that brought you the fantastically great skate. is putting on what it calls the "Be The One Fest", where you can pop along and play current and forthcoming titles.

Much, much, much more fun than cowering in Charing Cross station under an onslaught of crack Wehrmacht forces we say! Good on you EA!

We are promised celebrity guests from the worlds of showbiz, music, entertainment and sports, so SPOnG will be sending our army of paps (Adam and his Brownie camera) to snap away.

There's also going to be live music performances from international artists – set to be announced next week – with developers from EA’s studios will be taking part in ‘Beat The Makers’ challenges.

“All eyes will be on London this week as we celebrate the enormous creativity and innovation of the interactive entertainment industry,” said Keith Ramsdale, EA’s VP and country general manager for the UK and Ireland.

“EA’s event at London Games Festival will give everyone the chance to experience gaming in an exhilarating new way that can be enjoyed by the whole family.”

Get down to Trafalgar Square next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to get involved.


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