Steve Davis Pretends To Be Nicole Kidman

'Pink or black, Nicole?'

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Steve Davis Pretends To Be Nicole Kidman
In a nod and a wink to Nicole Kidman?s ad campaign for Nintendo, six-time World Snooker Champion Steve - Interesting - Davis is dressed top to toe in white sat on a sofa playing DS snooker. It's not a strange sexual nightmare, it's an Internet viral advert for Koch Media?s forthcoming World Snooker Championship Season 2007-08.

?I?m not even on the bloody cover?, Davis moans. Although he does appear in the game, along with all of the other well known players currently contesting the World Snooker Championship season. The game also features John Virgo on commentary duties. Well, who else could it be really?

Koch claims that home console joypads and computer mice have previously limited the level of interaction and accuracy promised by the DS?s touch screen and stylus. The DS?s dual screen displays both the full 3D view of the action on one screen and a top down perspective on the other screen.

SPOnG has put a call in to Nintendo today to see if Mrs Urban ("Our Nicole", as SPOnG's resident Aussie puts it) would care to comment about being impersonated by a British Snooker player. We will bring you the response the minute Kidman gets the message...

The ad's bound to be floating around on YouTube...


Mike Smith 16 Oct 2007 14:14
The link wasn't hard to find on YouTube, just search for Snooker Nintendo DS... or click below :)

I'm loving the pink or brown - how cheeky is that!!!
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