Fury - Latest Trailer From Free-To-Play MMO

That's FREE, as in 'no money to pay'

Posted by Staff
Australian developer Auran and MMO specialist Codemasters Online Gaming are the people you have to thank for the free-to-play online RPG known as Fury.

?What is Fury?? you may be asking yourself, ?Other than the feeling I get when my third Xbox 360 in a row packs in??

Well, on top of being free (always a bonus!) Fury is in fact an MMO built from the Unreal Engine 3 that focuses on players battling each other in furious player-vs-player battles and is also, according to Codies at least, ?the ultimate competitive online action RPG.?

See more on the game at SPOnG?s dedicated Fury page.

Before you do, though, watch this latest trailer below for a quick taster.



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