EA Playground: Fast New Screens

EA makes us lament our childhoods. Again...

Posted by Staff
Electronic Arts has just bounced the latest batch of screens from the upcoming EA Playground into the world, and SPOnG has them below.

Clearly, someone over at EA Montreal had a better experience on the playground than SPOnG did. When SPOnG were lads, there was none of this blasting around crazy tracks on Go-karts, oh no. We used to have to make do with playing full-contact bulldog... on concrete. Or we played that old favourite, 'punch Young (yet to hate the world) Tim in the face 'til his nose squirts'. Or, better yet, 'cower in the corner while urinating on yourself and hoping they don't find you'. But anyway, good for EA Montreal.

You can find out more about EA Playground over on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


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