Activision Keen To Acquire More European Studios

Following the Bizarre Creations deal

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Activision’s European boss Joerg Trouvain has gone on record this week claiming that the US mega-publisher is keen to look towards acquiring more European studios following the recent buy-out of leading Britsoft studio, Bizarre Creations.

“There were two reasons for the [Bizarre] acquisition,” Trouvain told an interviewer. “The first was to expand our development capacity because that is the way to grow. The other is to enter the racing genre which we haven't been in before.”

After finishing up arcade shooter The Club for SEGA, Bizarre will be concentrating on putting together a new racing title for Activision, retaining a good level of autonomy from its new paymeisters.

“Acivision’s independent studio model will continue giving us creative freedom to build exciting new brands,” said Bizarre founder and boss, Martyn Chudley.

“Their financial support and marketing prowess will also enable us to build upon the commercial success that we currently enjoy, and take the company – and our games – to an even higher level.”

SPOnG looks forward to seeing what the PGR4 racing game genius-hive-mind that is Bizarre Creations devises next.

Right now though, we are having trouble tearing ourselves away from the almost-perfect racer that is PGR4 on the Xbox 360.

source: Develop


SuperSaiyan4 5 Oct 2007 15:18
I am very much looking forward to what kind of racer BC will make since Activision now own them. PGR franchise as we know belongs to Microsoft however I wonder if the engine the game is built upon belongs to Microsoft as well and lets not forget all the licensing of the vehicles as welll.

Also I wonder how BC will be able to make a game that is in no way too similar to PGR because I don't think it will be good seeing with some irony thrown in Microsoft sueing BC because their new racer is like PGR...
Joji 5 Oct 2007 22:47
Didn't like this idea. I can understand Activision wanting to expand, but the U.K isn't the only place where there's talent. Soon their might not be any free U.K devs out there. They'll be like dodos.

I don't think many realise this, but this is currently one of the industries problems, because they are sucking certain talent up, when they could be investing more in expanding through uni grads etc.

This is how things are done in japan, where new talent is harnessed more straight from uni/college. We need to do the same but more and better.

They wanted a driving game? Why not buying SCi then or perhaps make one, the old fashioned way?
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