PlayStation Network Updates: skate. Jericho. Haze

As is Jericho, Stuntman and Bladestorm

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PlayStation Network Updates: skate. Jericho. Haze
With no apparent news from Nintendo as to a Wii Virtual Console update today, let us bring PlayStation 3 owners some heart-warming downloadable news instead, with the new that not one, but four cracking demos are now available on the European PlayStation Network (PSN).

Fully playable demos of Codemasters' Jericho, THQ's Stuntman: Ignition, Koei's Bladestorm and EA's Skate are now up for your downloading pleasure. There is also a bunch of new GRAW 2 and Haze trailers and (SPOnG favourite) Blast Factor and flOw wallpapers for you to idly browse when you are a bit bored.

SPOnG is a huge fan of EAs Skate as you can see from our recent Xbox 360 review. We look forward to playing the final version on PS3 very soon indeed.


SuperSaiyan4 5 Oct 2007 10:07
*Yawn* been there done that ...ages ago thanks to the 360.
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