Championship Gaming Series - Results of the UK Draft and Final

Here’s the lucky lads and ladies on the way to the LA finals

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Championship Gaming Series - Results of the UK Draft and Final
News just in from this weekend’s Championship Gaming Series UK finals, which took place at Three Mills Studios, is that London’s Mint team beat Birmingham’s Salvo team 31-19 to win the inaugural CGS UK championship.

Each team features a total of ten 'cyber-athletes', each specialising in an official League game. Five of the ten players comprise a Counter-Strike: Source squad that competes in five-a-side matches. FIFA 07 is played one-on-one. Each CGS team also has a mixed-doubles team of two DOA4 players, who will play against other teams in one-on-one matches on Xbox 360. The racing game PGR3 is played by two players on each team in a two-versus-two format.

The two UK teams will be putting their local rivalries aside later this year, when they both make their way to the CGS 2007 World Championship in Los Angeles this December - with a cool million-dollar (£490,397.62) prize up for grabs.

“It was tough picking first with so many stand out players but I had to pick the most consistent gamers,” London Mint Team Manager, Sujoy Roy states. “I think I have a great squad with a strong team morale and we are looking forward to taking on the other CGS teams at the World Championship in December.”

London Mint and Birmingham Salvo will join ten other teams from around the world in La La Land, which will be broadcast on Sky One, Sky One HD and Sky Two during the Championship Gaming Week of 24th - 30th December 2007.

All this is great news, as once you tire of playing all the games in your stocking, you will finally have something new and interesting to watch on telly over Christmas that isn’t the Queen, James Bond or The Wizard of Oz.

Before we go, it's over to Adam for the team line-ups...

Thanks, SPOnG:

The following players will represent London Mint:

Team Manager
Sujoy Roy

Counter-Strike: Source
Lewis "Hughsy" Hughes
Thomas " beta" Hanna
Jonathan " jon0o" Finglass
Henry " HenryG" Greer
Tom "url" Chenery

Dead or Alive 4
Nick "NT 101" Townsend
Kathy "Snuggles" Zablotzky

Project Gotham Racing 3
Avtar "Paddaman" Padda
Steven "Stune" Embling
FIFA ‘07[/i]
Chris "ChrisyB" Bullard

The following players will represent Birmingham Salvo:

Team Manager
Michael O'Dell

Counter-Strike: Source
Sam "RatlesnK" Gawn
Stuart "Harriman" Harriman
Marc "Mangiacapra" Mangiacapra
Pete "pt" Wright
Adam "AdY" Brown

Dead or Alive 4
Mingzhi "Messy" Deng
Samantha "Ricochet" Whale

Project Gotham Racing 3
David "Daveyskills" Kelly
Jason "Neo Jake" Holmes

FIFA ‘07
Michael "Bazza" Barrett

"Back to you, SPOnG."

"Thanks, Adam. Now, 'cyber-athlete'? What's that all about?"


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