Project Gotham Team Working On New Racer

Activision brings its fighting talk

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G'bye, PGR...
G'bye, PGR...
Comments from Activision's Senior Vice President of European Publishing, Joerg Trouvain, would appear to confirm that the Project Gotham Racing dev team will be working on a new racing franchise...soon.

Speaking to industry magazine MCV, Trouvain said, “It’s true there is a lot of competition out there but Bizarre Creations is not just a studio – it’s one of the very best studios in the world, and we will be able to deliver an outstanding racing game to the market.”

For "competition", you might want to read "Microsoft", since it was confirmed yesterday that the company still owns the Project Gotham Racing franchise. With that in mind, "an outstanding racing game" really has to be read as "brand new intellectual property".

Trouvain added, "We believe Bizarre’s development capabilities coupled with Activision’s world class marketing and distribution resources should enable us to take the racing genre beyond where it is today.” Sounds like fighting talk to SPOnG.

That Microsoft missed the opportunity to buy up Bizarre Creations in the first place has come as a surprise to many, although for Activision the move clearly makes eminent sense.

Source: MCV


deleted 28 Sep 2007 13:08
What reason would microsoft have to buy Bizzarre? they still got PGR Franchise and what ever Activision make will most likely appear on 360 anyhoo.??
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