SEGA Sambas Onto Wii

Dreamcast party classic Wii-bound next year

Posted by Staff
It's official, one of the best rhythm games of all time, Samba De Amigo is heading to Wii, courtesy of publisher SEGA and developer Gearbox Software. Yay!

If ever a game was perfectly designed to be ported to Wii it was Samba De Amigo with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck ideal for use as the monkey maraca controllers.

The rumours kicked off from a scan of the latest issue of Nintendo Power (pictured at the bottom of this story) with 1UP confirming with SEGA of America that the game was definitely in development at Gearbox (formerly known for the Brothers in Arms games).

SPOnG spoke with SEGA UK this morning, who are not yet in a position to confirm a European release of the game, though it is surely only a matter of days until we find out more on planned release dates and details on what's new in this grin-inducing game.


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