PSP Slim'n'Lite In Homeland Surge

More sold in three days than last nine weeks

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Well, we had to use this one... really.
Well, we had to use this one... really.
The cut-down / remodelled PSP Slim'n'Lite has helped Sony to sell more handheld gaming devices in its first three days on sale in Japan than its elder, more portly and heavy sibling did in the last nine weeks.

The three launch days saw a massive 326,645 PSPs fall into the hands of Japanese consumers. Of which - based on Enterbrain figures - 75,943 came as Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core bundles.

The previous week, coming off the back of the Crisis Core bundle, saw 95,487 PSPs sold. Its most recent nine week period had seen 327,046 PSPs sold in total.

This week's numbers put the PSP at the top of the Japanese hardware charts for the second week running, with Nintendo's DS in second place once again.

Source: MCV


deleted 26 Sep 2007 18:41
i woudl think people wanting to get a PSP for crisis core held out for a PSP:lite, and therefore i think sales will again afterwards retreat to the more normal sales of the PSP:phat.

which one is the fat and which one is the lite in the pic? but would and would. (sorry)
PistolPete 26 Sep 2007 20:47
that one on the right is a was model, right?

Those things give me the he-be-ge-bies.
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