Sex Pistols - Dirty F*cking Rotters Re-Record For Guitar Hero III

It's like, so post-modern...

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Not so muich filth and fury as nice suburban lads.
Not so muich filth and fury as nice suburban lads.
The more elderly members of the SPOnG team are currently grunting into their cocoa and scuffing their slippers as they kick thin, circular slices of black plastic stuff into the bin. They are sad because an ancient punk rock band (older even than Green Day, if you can believe that) has re-recorded a song for a video game.

F*ck 'em?, say the rest of us. They're just dirty f*cking rotters, what do they know?

God, that was so punk!

And so is the fact that the original Sex Pistols - the line-up without Sid Vicious, for obvious reasons of rigor mortis - have re-recorded Anarchy In The UK for its inclusion on the forthcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. That's right - re-recorded it... to make it sound better, we hope.

Hold on, is that a punk thing to do? We asked the elder SPOnGers... but they were having a nap.

Apparently, what happened was that the Pistols, lured as ever by fame and cash, joined up with original producer, Chris Thomas, in - according to the press release "...utilizing the original analog sound desk (circa 1969) that was built for George Martin at Air Studios, London, England in order to maintain the classic sound".

"That sounds like the kind of sad old muso talk that Emerson, Lake and Palmer or Genesis would have come out with", says one SPOnGer in his sleep.

Why they didn't just use the original master tapes is... well, it's because they lost them, or somebody nicked them. Either way, they weren't there so they had to re-record them. At least that's what we heard from someone who knows someone. Just don't quote us, right?

The Pistols' management has also got into the act by letting us know that Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols is being re-issued on vinyl on October 29, 2007, in its "exact original format", including poster and Submission 7-inch single. The Anarchy single precedes it, coming out on October 1st. Then all the chaps will play a gig in London.

Pimping the whole Pistols' revival, singer John Lydon commented on the re-recording, saying, "What a stress you put on us but we rose to the occasion I think...admirably!"

Remembering the video game sales, he added, "A bit of anarchy in a video game is alright by me."

Mad, crazy, thieving, sex-beast guitarist, Steve Jones, commented, "It was great for Guitar Hero to, in a way, get us back in the studio. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but it actually turned out great and I think everyone held their own. I like Guitar Hero because my friends' kids like it. And I like what kids like."

Yeah! The kids! For more Guitar Hero III information, head for our dedicated page, which is here. Or don't... cos we don't care.

? Swearing in text is just not commercially viable, as we, today's youth well know.


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