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Nintendo Backs Handheld Learning Conference

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Nintendo is to sponsor next month?s Handheld Learning Conference and Exhibition in London town, with academics and games industry types getting together to discuss the ?convergence of the learning and entertainment sectors.?

Basically, this means that kids in schools will get to use handheld consoles as part of their education. Which, because we never had the opportunity, is clearly unfair and wrong!

Gripes from the mardy olds in the SPOnG office aside, handheld gaming benefits users? hand-to-eye co-ordination, cognitive learning and ? with the growth of online and multiplayer gaming - social development

The press blurb about the conference informs us that: ?With the use of handheld technology ? from mobile phones, PDAs, iPods to games consoles ? reaching phenomenal levels, the Handheld Learning Conference and Exhibition is the place for opinion formers, policy makers and practitioners to debate the importance of ?always on? learning.?

?The type of complex, abstract problem solving required to participate in modern games, as well as the seamless adaptation to different user interfaces equips learners for a future where the traditional desktop PC is likely to be regarded as antiquated as a typewriter is perceived today.?

Nintendo UK?s ebullient General Manager, David Yarnton, added: ?The Handheld Learning Conference and Exhibition brings together so many thought-leaders it is natural that Nintendo gets involved with this important educational conference. As the biggest supplier of handheld entertainment, Nintendo is already driving learning across all age groups with its products, in particular the Touch Generations series, including Dr Kawashima?s Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain? and Big Brain Academy. So we?re delighted to play our part, furthering the developing role of handheld devices in learning.?

Graham Brown-Martin, Managing Director, Handheld Learning, says: ?The majority of gaming devices and particularly those by Nintendo ? all feature local and wide area networking capabilities, which are exploited by its software titles to enable positive social interaction and networks. Whilst the world has been focussing on the $100 laptop Nintendo had already developed one in the form of the Nintendo DS.?

The Handheld Learning Conference and Exhibition is to be held on 10-12th October 2007 at Central Hall Westminster, London. SPOnG will be there, acting all grown up and serious for a change.


deleted 21 Sep 2007 11:03
I read a review for eternal sonata over on IGN and they said that it had some educational purpose to the game (due to the music and life of Chopin) and that it was the first game that could really get away with it...

I said what about the DS and Brain age, Brain Academy and all the others, Nintendo has hit a market here that is huge already but when schools and academys take notice Nintendo could become a leader in education software, and the kind we want to play!..
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