Official add-ons planned for Black and White

Black and White becomes an even better game, if that's possible.

Posted by Staff
PC game of the year nominee Black and White is set to receive a number of official gameplay enhancing add-ons. Black and White is the latest and greatest God game from the man that invented the genre itself, Peter Molyneux. B&W is cool because you can play the game in a good or evil way. Itís completely your choice. Obviously, being evil is much more fun.

There are a number of add-ons that will be released on a one per week basis. You will be able to vote on which add-on you would like to see released next. So, what choices are there going to be? Letís have a looksee:

Creature Dancing: Give your creature the ability to dance to CD music or MP3 files

Village Banter: Now you will be able to listen to conversations your followers are engaging in

Soccer: Villagers will play a game of soccer if their relaxation is high.

Sandbox Land: A landscape with no opposition to play in.

Creature Skin Editor: Allows you to alter the look of your creature.

Lan Spawn: Allows multi-player local area network battles with just one CD.

Map Editor: Create your own landscapes.

Not only these are these add-ons free, they also add extra depth and fun to an already great game. Head over to to vote and download to your Godly heartís content.


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