Project Gotham Racing 4 Gets On The Starting Grid

Ready, Steady... Steeeeeeady....

Posted by Staff
Project Gotham Racing 4, which we're assured by Microsoft Game Studios and Bizarre Creations is the latest instalment racing franchise", has been "released to manufacturing". In short, PGR4 is nearly ready to roll, the code is with the people who carve out the discs, and the label painters are licking their brushes. The street date is confirmed (October 12th) as is the price (44.99).

Here's the official line, "PGR 4 is set to race onto store shelves on 12th October. Featuring a unique, exciting racing experience where dramatic racing action is captured in breathtaking cinematic style, PGR 4 is sure to capture the attention of racing fans everywhere. The all new addition of motorcycles adds a new dimension to the PGR driving experience by allowing gamers to compete and pull off amazing driving manoeuvres not possible on four wheels."

The confirmation of an October 12th street date will finally put paid to the doubts and fears of PGR fans who have seen release dates changing in front of their eyes. Of course, SPOnG brought you the bike news way back in May.

The official PGR 4 web site is also up and running over here.


hollywooda 14 Sep 2007 10:43
there's also a demo in the works which is rumored to included exclusive content!?!?....
deleted 14 Sep 2007 11:21
Will the demo be Live compatable?
hollywooda 14 Sep 2007 11:34
it'll be on XBLM, it will include online & offline racing....if thats what you mean?
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