Latest Stateside NPD Sales ? Madden Dominates

Now there?s a surprise!

Posted by Staff
The NPD Group?s U.S. hardware and software sales figures for August 2007 are just in and it seems that Madden NFL '08 is selling by the bucketload in the land of America.

No surprise there then! The 360 version of the game went straight to Number One, with 896,600 units sold. 643,600 PS2 and 336,200 PlayStation 3 versions also passed from retailer to virtual 'football' fans. Impressive stuff indeed.

Add in the Wii, Xbox, and PSP versions of Madden NFL '08 and the game has managed to shift over two million copies in total in its first week on sale.

Bioshock sits at third place in the U.S. chart with 490,900 units sold and the top-selling Wii games: Wii Play, Metroid Prime 3, and Mario Strikers: Charged, closely behind, sitting comfortably at fifth, sixth, and seventh positions on the chart.

In terms of hardware Nintendo continues to own the market having sold an impressive 403,600 Wiis and 383,300 DSs in the U.S. in August.

Microsoft follows in second place on the hardware front, having shifted 276,700 360s following the recent price cut. Sony sits in the third place having shifted 130,600 PlayStation 3 consoles in August. Although let?s not forget that it also sold 202,000 PlayStation 2s and 151,200 PSPs.


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