Call of Duty 4 Beta Opening In UK

Update coming over the weekend

Posted by Staff
It's official, UK residents are getting access to the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Beta. As of today its possible for gamers in the UK and Ireland to sign up to the beta.

If you're interested, head over to the game's official UK beta programme website. From there you'll find details of where to get your beta token so you can jump straight in.

You might just want to hang on a few days, however. SPOnG spoke to Activision and was told, "there's going to be a massive update over the weekend". Details of what the update will contain were not forthcoming, but SPOnG anticipates further refinement of the beta rather than any big new features.

The beta went live in the U.S. last week, after a storm of controversy suggesting it wouldn't be available outside of North America.

For more on CoD4 visit SPOnG's dedicated game page.


Joji 7 Sep 2007 13:04
Is this Beta PC only or PC and 360?
deleted 7 Sep 2007 15:28
Joji wrote:
Is this Beta PC only or PC and 360?

well heres what activision say.

Welcome to the Official UK and Ireland BETA Programme site for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This is your ONLY way to participate in the BETA programme on X360 here in the UK and Ireland.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is shaping up to be one of the hottest gaming properties of the year, just check out what the gaming press are already saying (left).

We have a limited number of UK BETA tokens available, and these are available only to gamers who have already received their Activision Clearance Code from our BETA partners:

Demand for these BETA tokens will be extremely high, so don?t hang about. Once you have received your Activision Clearance Code from one of the above mentioned partners, simply follow the easy steps below to obtain your personalised token and get into the thick of the action.

Visit for full details of the game controls, weapons, soldier classes, and info on the BETA multiplayer maps etc.

Important: To be eligible to receive a token, you MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER, HAVE AN XBOX 360 CONSOLE AND A CURRENT LIVE GOLD ACCOUNT.
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