EA Playground: Swingin' New Video

Put aside your childhood demons

Posted by Staff
EA Playground: Swingin' New Video
SPOnG hates to bemoan its tortured childhood, but did Electronic Arts really have to go and bring it all back with Playground? The jeering, the poking, always being picked last, the events we have since come to know as 'swirlies' thanks to too many hours spent watching American television... It's all been brought to back thanks to this new video for the upcoming Wii game.

Childhood torment aside, however, Playground looks like good fun. Granted, SPOnG would like to have seen some footage showing off how the Wii control system works with the game, but EA looks to have created something eminently suitable for Nintendo platforms: fun, fresh and family-friendly.

EA Playground has been dated for November 2nd over here in Europe. See SPOnG's dedicated game page for more.



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