Timeshift Demo on LIVE

Get it now, to see what the fuss is all about

Posted by Staff
Vivendi/Saber Interactive’s TimeShift demo is now up on Xbox Live, to temp you with it’s eye-poppingly luscious textures and fast-paced FPS twitch-control gameplay.

SPOnG loved what we saw of TimeShiftat E3, which is pretty much an entirely different game to the TimeShift that was almost finished a year or so ago – then ditched, in a notable effort to almost start from scratch to do the game concept justice.

The TimeShift demo weighs in at 582Mb, in which you can trial out the Beta Suit, which enables you to stop, slow, and reverse time.

TimeShift surely ticks all the dystopian sci-fi first person shooter boxes, but there is something just that little big extra here as well – some magic FPS pixie dust that the devs seem to have sprinkled all over it - that gives the game a real edge.

Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 versions of TimeShift will all be out later this very year.


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