Turok: Stealthy New Video

Normal haircuts come and go, Mohawks are forever

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Turok had been dreaming of this moment
Turok had been dreaming of this moment
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It's funny, but here at SPOnG we never thought of Turok, a game about dinosaurs, big guns and (presumably) the size of your penis as a game that requires much stealth. This latest video from Buena Vista encourages us to think otherwise, however.

Frankly, there's little SPOnG loves more than creeping stealthily through the jungle killing folk and dinosaurs with a bow and arrow. Or so we thought, until we saw Turok do it with a Mohawk! Needless to say, he's SPOnG's new hero. Now, if he could only make some tough moral choices that will effect the outcome of the game in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future like every other game we saw at Leipzig we could all go curl up in a corner and have warm thoughts.

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hollywooda 30 Aug 2007 10:36
Wow how on earth did the creative team on Turok come up with the design of that enemy guard!!??!..... maybe they just googled Killzone?. I dont hope much hope for this game, seems like they've tossed a mixture of a load of games in & dont really know what they've ended up with?... wait 4 a demo.
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